Children of the Sea


my children,children of the Sea… While the choir of Children in Cozumel sing to Calypso of Jacques Cousteau: Calypso  sigue luchando por el Mar y La Paz Calypso keep your mission for the Sea and for Peace my always respect … Continue reading

The Fragance of a Flower


Michele Sutton captured this priceless photograph titled “The Fragrance of a Flower”. She simply placed a flower on her deck and then captured a squirrel that ran up to sniff and eat it…

Whole Foods and Monsanto now cooperation


Genetically Modified Food, we don’t need it, Human Beings Intelligence Use it


it is about your health really , and you are responsible for your health by the choices you make;

you can choose by not buying the easiest available food, even if it takes that non comfort of  finding the perfect food ready in a supermarket; it takes  effort , yes, but you choose if your health is worth the profits of mega companies; refuse non labelled food, refuse to buy from whom have no interest in your well-being.

You can , millions of people are doing it, You deserve it Nature is on your side

Be courageous

Refuse the genetically modified food, Life a Simple Life by cooperating with Nature, your best ever partner.

Human beings are intelligent, then use the intelligence well, You can do it .

So be it.


Your Breath Giving needs You Now

20130705-220258.jpg informs we can still stop seismic testing programmed 2014 the actions programmed product of ignorance of mind and spirit;yet humanity can stop it; please take the time to check this issue, do whatever you can; sign the petition, inform … Continue reading

Job search Spirit and Nature


What are we looking for in a Job Search? Survival food clothing a home to rest ? I believe that working as a team in Communities , we have better chances to find fulfillment  and help each other, and then … Continue reading

Ego “Science”


The Iris Garden bySF (@earthealing) Bird flu man made virus by ego “science”want to research?their mess? Instead clean up earth +attend HumanImmunity +bow to Spirit The “enemies” are not the viruses, but the Ego of Men and their Ignorance of … Continue reading

Winter Solstice 2012 Abundance

Last month Deepak Chopra started a Meditation Challenge that lasted 21 Days, the theme was Abundance,what it means to us based on culture,personal life and holistic view.One of the most beautiful passages was to learn that according to the teachings of the Vedas “every person is a piece of Gold” and as such a treasure ,one deserves the best;then one realizes that life is not only full of gifts but that those gifts are also Extra-Abundance,in the holistic way of thinking, meaning an overflow of abundance greater than one might expect ,as a super gift from the Universe such as a Sunset or Dawn full of pink light ,a Sky full of shinning stars.Luxury we could say because it is more than the already beautiful sky as it changes everyday ;and yet the Universe does not withhold, on the contrary it makes this luxury available to every being; the difference between abundance and Luxury could be if i understood correct that Luxury is going that extra mile, that extra effort to make something already abundant marvelous, unique enjoyable just for the joy of joy. That Luxury can be available to each one of us and that we can make Luxury available to someone else is a good point of view; many times we are so focused on misery thoughts.

As we cross this Winter Solstice 21.12.2012 and enter in the New Year ahead my wish for all
Is that we stay closer to Nature,with her we are balanced in our views,she is Mother that Loves ,Heals ,inspires and does not deny.Even in the most remote areas of this planet,where famine and hunger exist, it is not the action of Nature,but the misuse of power by men and women.

Imagine noticing the Sacred in all those Acts of Nature we take for granted, then your Life becomes a Life of giving thanks for each instant of Life,for each being ,element that contributes to such miracle!


Article and Photo (c) by Suzi Iris Folli


David Simon – Love is the WAY

“David’s favorite poems were reminders that while we appear to be separate, limited individuals, we are all expressions of an infinite divinity. Here are a few beautiful lines from the poet David called “my beloved Hafiz”:

The Sun Never Says



all this time
the sun never says to the earth,
“You owe me.”
what happens
with a love like that –

It lights the whole world.

“As a talented physician and author, loving father, husband, and dear friend, David shared his unique gifts with the world. Through his dedication and authenticity, he helped so many people go beyond their limited perspective of themselves and reconnect to the love, joy, and peace of their true selves.”__DEEPAK CHOPRA

Dew -Cosmic Destillation

dew2-ladybug by Sara Crow

DEW    Article written  by Sara Crow In most cultures, dew is seen as a life-giving substance both in terms of providing necessary physical nourishment and that of spiritual sustenance and transformation. The droplets of water that appear in the … Continue reading

Ocean keepers

David McGuire at Seastewards

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Ocean friends walking their talk, David Mc Guire at Seastewards, in San Francisco, California dedicates his life to preserving the health of the Ocean, his vision gives voice to endless Ocean Marine life  forms, Sharks – especially.  Do visit his … Continue reading