Amma in Milano

October 7,8,9, 2011

we were blessed to have Amma’s visit in Milano!
One of the messages that most touched me was that many people come and live this world,without ever finding out why were we here? was there a meaning to our lives?
To be aware of our own Dharma is a great grace;to develop the strength to overcome
our Natural impulses that weight us down (to inertia,ignorance of who we really are) and
to realize that The Mind is like water,flows always downwards,and Consciousness is like
fire,it burns upwards; if you throw water to fire, water evaporates upwards! Identified then
with the Pure Consciousness-Water evaporates and flows Upwards! Practically for us,
if we understand that Mind’s Nature, if we are able to view the outside world from the point
of view of (the observer inside of us),one little by little discovers the very nature of objects
outside of us ) and one gets in touch with our own self. What does this mean ? an incredible realization that when one starts to experiment unfolds in infinite possibilities…
Meditation is a valuable practice to start this Exploration. 
Economy and Our Fears
Amma said that ” The greatest gain that one can attain in Life is True Love”,”The greatest Loss is the absence of Love” 
so this is dimension that signals the True North for us!
The Grace of God or (what you consider a higher Loving power) is essential for every
factor that surrounds our actions;The Compassion that we have towards other beings,
returns to us as Grace, Amma said: ” We are All manifestation of the Absolute Self”
“To help and aid whomever needs our help is our Responsibility! “-
no longer we can ignore.
 Blaming God ? Amma said:
“When have we thought about God?because God is our real true richness. We take nothing with us material when we depart this world, we are the ones that need God”
Treasure Your Precious Life  Amma said:
“Do not miss your precious human Life,let us not lose the Divine flight that takes us to God” ” There is no difference between Creation and Creator-they are the same awareness! To Love All in equanimity, we are One Soul”
 these were some of the reflections while Amma continued embracing the World.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om  -Om Peace Peace Peace Om

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