Deep Sea Ocean Light

Diving now to the deepest realms of  the beautiful Sea,

click the link  below:





Have a beautiful journey !



Further Deep Sea Life  you can see  in the Video

 The deep-sea schyphozoan jellyfish, Atolla wyvillei, as seen from the Johnson-Sea-Link submersible with the lights on and then in the laboratory, after capture, with the lights off, exhibiting a burglar alarm display. Video courtesy of Operation Deep Scope 2005 Exploration, Edith A. Widder, NOAA-OE.

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4 thoughts on “Deep Sea Ocean Light

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  2. Hey, are you having issues along with your hosting? I necessary to refresh the page about million times to get the page to load. Just saying 268084

    1. Wishing You a Magical Journey on this beautiful Planet Earth, should I not post,
      watch Earth , her Posts are magnificent, that is where Inspiration comes, Thanks
      for saying Hi

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