Job search Spirit and Nature

What are we looking for in a Job Search?

Survival food clothing a home to rest ? I believe that working as a team in Communities , we have better chances to find fulfillment  and help each other, and then we find that job where we can use our talents,yet being mindful of what are we willing to do for our health and that of Nature; are we willing to sacrifice Nature Health and our health for an illusion of  being happy when… we can add all the things that we believe would make us happy….without realizing that we are letting Life pass,  Nature ignored….when is fact it is our very deep essential in being happy.Nature as Dr Deepak Chropra once said is the Body of Spirit.

Along the Job search one has to stay close to the Spirit within because it is that connection that makes us be happy, no matter what. Delaying feeling good or peace or serenity until we find that ” perfect ” job  is not an option . This is our first Job Self Realization.

How do you get close to Spirit ? Then? many ways exist one is being observant of Nature, two is stop all judgement and three Meditation as Dr. Deepak. Chopra explains in his various books and videos and these ways are all very valid and worth exploring.The Job search then becomes an opportunity to grow as human beings and that is important, therefore try to see that jobless status as a very important  moment since you are growing and becoming the best that you can ever be, and once one learns to view that as fulfilling as money or material possessions then one realizes that the material is really the end result , or might not even be material result, there are other results that are invisible yet are very powerful just like salt in food , you cannot see it but it gives taste to the food.

it takes some practice but once you learn the way it’s yours forever.

I encourage you to try some type of Mind Body work that uses breath, physical exercise, contemplation, meditation and to have that opportunity to experience wellbeing along the road.  Communion with Nature is as well priority.

Prayer and Devotion as well to Help us feel that no matter what we are already accomplished

because we were born and we had the chance to experience this beautiful Universe,the rest is a journey in progress, with ups and downs but the inner happy being in all of us need to be our major voice among the many that clutter our minds. Many Blessings along the way ! Susanna Iris.

In Light,
Susanna Iris Folli
Biologist/The Iris Garden founder Director.
Yoga Teacher



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